Selling your home...

You need to employ a REALTOR® who really knows what you have to go through! My personal experience as a Home Seller and my professional experience as an established REALTOR® combine to give you a strong advantage in the sale of your home. For myself, I have bought 9 houses (2 we built) and sold 8 of these houses over the past 44 years! I have moved across Canada and within Greater Victoria 10 times. I have owned three investment properties. I have employed several REALTORs® over the years and I model my own sales approach on the best they presented to me as a client and add on my own personal experiences as a REALTOR®.

I work with my Sellers to get top dollar for their homes. I advise on getting your home ready for sale, including the security aspects of selling a home. I work with you to develop a solid marketing plan.

Proper pricing, market knowledge and shining above the competition will win you a home sale every time! I guarantee you constant communication regarding other new listings, price changes and competing sales. This communication will keep you on top of the Real Estate market. When your offer materializes, I am there to guide you through the negotiation and closing process. My goal is to keep this process as stress-free as possible.

When determining the Market Value of your home remember that the highest price is the price the current market will bear. While the personal value of your home is related to its cost (purchase price or building cost), the True Market Value (not Taxation Assessed Value) may depart significantly from this cost. For example, in a Sellers Market, your home may be worth much more than the original cost. A Buyers Market will reflect the opposite. When considering the price of your home, look at other houses in your neighborhood. What are the other houses, similar to yours, selling for? Your home will attract the greatest interest in the first two weeks on the market, if it is priced realistically.

When selling a home in Greater Victoria, an example Real Estate commission might be 6% on the first $100,000 and 3% on any balance above $100,000. You must also subtract the GST 5% charged on the Real Estate fees and legal fees, discharge mortgage fees and any mortgage penalties. All these charges vary depending on the home for sale.

The bottom line is to remember to include all the costs of sale when calculating the balance to be earned from your home. This is especially important when purchasing another home. I will help you figure out all these costs before accepting any offer from a buyer.

From Terry in Sidney, B.C.

"Judy, thanks again for all your help. I don't know that either of us believed at the beginning of this that things would all come together by Oct 31st as I'd hoped, but I could tell by your attitude and actions from the start that you were going to do everything in your power to help make it so. Thank you so much!"

For the moving experience of a lifetime, contact Judy!